Mocanita Steam Train Ride, Romania

When Andi and Paul from Followourmotorhome said ‘We’re going on a steam train, do you wanna come” we said “Yeah, why not.” In the northern most part of Romania in the Maramures region the Mocanita steam train takes you up in the mountains right to the top – well that’s what we thought. Click here to view the video.

The ‘painted’ Monasteries

Well, what a delight. When Ms Moneypenny suggested we go and see some monasteries I must confess to rolling my eyes up but I shouldn’t have done because they were rather nice. Watch out for her monastery eguide coming soon but for now here’s a little vid I put together to whet your appetite.



An au revoir soiree….

Well after a fabulous month on the road with Paul and Andi from ‘Follow our Motorhome’ it was time for our final soiree together and what better way to say ‘au revoir’ than with a sing song. And it went like a dream….