Going Digital


You would think that in this day and age, creating a paperless office would be easy. I can categorically confirm that it is near damn impossible. Original hard copies are required wherever you go from V5 forms for your vehicles, original bills of sale in case you need to make a claim on insurance to marriage certificates and birth certificates etc, the list goes on but having had to do the exercise to downsize my office from ‘house’ size to ‘motorhome’ size  I can assure you that YOU have too much paper….

De-cluttering is a fabulous exercise that I urge everyone to do right now. The amount of ‘stuff’ I shredded was unbelievable. Utility bills and Bank statements from 15 years ago ( just in boxes in the loft), invoices and guarantees for purchases long taken to the tip.. the list goes on.

I now control my life and my requirement to stay ‘legal’ in the system with an A6 diary and two of these paper folder thingy’s- the rest is stored digitally in the cloud and communication is done online via email/text etc.. And boy does it feel good.

GO ON- Take a look in those boxes and in your filing cabinet and SHRED……





He’s Here, He’s Here!!!

He’s Here, He’s Here!!!

Well, If we had ordered Scooby at the Motorhome Show in October 2015, Mick the salesman from DAVAN Motorhomes assured us that we would be going nowhere for 10 months such was the uptake of orders. But clever Myles and Karen ordered ours in September 2015 and yesterday ( on our way back from Stoke to watch the mighty Potters destroy Man City with consumate ease) we popped in to see him for the very first time… and how excited were we. We actually got the call that he was in in the wednesday last week just as we were headed up north so had to drive by on the motorway and had to wait another 4 days until we could touch, feel and drool over our lovely new home. image1Bedroomimage8

The motoroamers have their home. A few alterations and he will be delivered (BEFORE CHRISTMAS). Everyone’s a winner! Just a bit of snow on Chrimbo Day morning and it’s Oh Happy Days!!

Scoobie’s Coming

Scoobie’s Coming

I quick telephone call to Mick the salesman and it would appear that our new Pilote 740c hasn’t even reached the production line yet. Week 47 he said it’s scheduled for commencement and that is 23rd November. We ordered it in September and they haven’t even started it yet… Ah, he said, if you had ordered it at the Motorhome show at the N.E.C in October I would be telling you that delivery time is 10 months from now so you have been lucky.. OK, I said, I’ll let you off. Seems our delivery date is still on schedule for mid- December after all so we just have to be patient for a little while longer…

We’re on TV


I don’t believe it… of all the things I said ( and they cut out), All I said was, ohh err missus, it’s all about the bed…