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Travelling – the Good Life

The good life can mean something different – and usually does for each of us. Goals; we all have them, whether or not we actually formalize them. As adults we work and strive to reach those goals with the result of being able to live the good life. The good life can...

Stepping off the Treadmill

Stepping off the Treadmill and sailing the Dream  By Jenevora Swann A former MD of an international travel PR agency shares her experience of stepping off the treadmill to begin a new life exploring the world on a catamaran. Falling off the Treadmill I lost the will...

Our Leap of Faith

"One day I'm gonna write,  the story of my life,  I tell of the night we met…" My God, I had the Marty Robbins classic stuck in my head for the whole day after I met Myles and Karen, The Motoroamers, whilst sat on a cliff top overlooking the Black Sea. It one of those...

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Marseillette, France

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