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Odd thing, Life, don’t you think? One minute it’s here and the next it’s gone. Let’s take a look at some numbers….

  1. The Universe is believed to be 14 Billion years old.
  2. Our Planet is believed to be 4.5 Billion years old
  3. The Dinosaurs first appeared 230 million years ago and were the dominant creatures for 135 million years
  4. Human Beings (us) have been around for 3 million years
  5. You and me, we get 70 years of life ( if we’re lucky)…

Don’t know about you but I think that is a frightening thought. In the whole history of time (as we know it) we get a mere 70 years (give or take) to live. So, let’s get on with it then… Here are our inspirational posts and helpful tools to hopefully inspire you to live the life you deserve…

Looking ahead to 2018

Looking ahead to 2018

Whilst for many of us our attention may be firmly placed on Christmas festivities, for others, New Year is a more welcome prospect with the hope of a fresh start and new adventures. For us, this time of year is always about reflection, reminiscing about our...

Top 10 Tips for Managing Change – Sanely

Top 10 Tips for Managing Change – Sanely

If you are about to make a big life-change and turn your world upside down - in a positive way, then why not download this FREE infographic.  It's based on our experiences of moving from Somerset on 4 March 2106 into Scoobie the Motorhome full-time and travelling...

From Fear to Freedom in 7 Steps

From Fear to Freedom in 7 Steps

Free to Download Infographic from our sister page! Download now if you are ready to release yourself from the fears that are holding you back from living the life you deserve, the life of your dreams. Live beyond your fears - NOW with these...

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Hi, Karen & Myles, The Motoroamers here. We are a fun-loving couple travelling full-time around Europe in Scoobie our trusty camper. We're driven to deliver seriously entertaining travel through our blogs, photography and humorous videos. We hope to inspire you too to travel.

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