It’s an odd thing buying an Motorhome, a new one in any case. It’s a big chunk of money to part with in the first instance and you have to get it right because getting it wrong means a heck of a lot of grief, possibly even divorce in extreme cases, especially if you’ve had to drag the other half into what would essentially end up being ‘your big expensive mistake’. So you load yourself up with a big chunk of ‘due diligence’ and hit the magazines, shows and dealerships and eventually part with your deposit… Job done! Not quite….! That’s just the beginning… EXTRAS!!! There’s tons of em… You could almost spend the same amount again on extras. We added a few naturally as everybody does. Some we use, some we don’t  but I would like to dedicate this post to arguably the best one and it wasn’t the most expensive either.

Born out of a need to charge and use 240V equipment whilst enjoying some of the splendours of the natural world I had to find a way to convert 12v leisure battery output into 240V household power.. The missus doesn’t go anywhere without her Nutribullet and juicer you see. And when you’ve got Laptops, phones and iPads it all adds up to problems if you’re not a campsite with Hookup. Enter ‘Benny the bestek’. You can hardly hear it humming as it’s working away, all devices work perfectly and as long as you don’t overload the maximum wattage aloud ( mines a 1000w due the the nutribullet being 900w) everyone’s a winner. It does eats battery power while it’s on so I had an extra leisure battery and a solar panel fitted for good measure and eight weeks in it’s been excellent.

The fitters did an excellent job installing the “inverter” socket in the kitchen along with the switch that turns both inverter sockets live, the other one located in one of the overhead lockers…Must do more freebie camping, we’ve got all the power we need.

Cost £69.99. It’s a billy!

The worst, well that would have to be the drive away awning…another one out of the ‘Myles Davies book of stupid decisions’… but you can’t win em all…

Keep on truckin… TTFN