Camargue’s Stunning Diversity

France's Camargue - the land of true diversity Imagine travelling through the heart-land of a delta region - what jumps out at you?  Is it the flatness of the region or the endless acres of salt flats divided by borders of gravel banks leading to who knows where -...

Lake Salagou, France

Imagine a beautiful lake encased within a basin of iron-red earth that in the autumn is home to yellow and rust-coloured trees dotted around the hills.  Accompanied by autumnal warmth that has you basking as if in a pottery-kiln and sharp blue waters that makes the...

A day out in Avignon

Well, after an unfortunate evacuation from our campsite ( la bagatelle) the night before we decided to head back into town and do what we had planned to do.. Go and see the lovely Avignon in all it's autumn glory...

Colmar, Alsace, France

Having visited Yvoire and Strasbourg, Colmar had a lot to live up to... and boy did it measure up. It completed our trip of medieval towns in the area which also included Gruyeres in Switzerland at could be argued that we left the best till last but that would be...

We are now in…..

Marseillette, France

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