So, what about the Money?

Well it does matter doesn’t it. Can’t do a great deal without it so we have documented all our expenses as we travel, how we spend ours and what we spend it on to give you an idea of how much travelling costs. Hope you find the information useful. If you need any specific info please get in touch at and we will be only too pleased to help if we can.

Full years accounts

Well, a year has passed and what fun we've had. 13K plus miles, 10 countries and adventure galore. We have compiled a full years accounts split into two 6 month sections for your information. In the second 6 months we budgeted monthly for all the annual costs that are...

Six month summary

Well, our first six months is up... Tempus 'bloody' fugit... there's no doubt about that! Where's it gone? It's gone, that's where but it's been a blast. 7 countries in just over 7000 miles. We've visited mountain ranges, castles, cities, tourist attractions, rivers...

We are now in…..


About Us

Hi, Karen & Myles, The Motoroamers here. We are a fun-loving couple travelling full-time around Europe in Scoobie our trusty camper. We're driven to deliver seriously entertaining travel through our blogs, photography and humorous videos. We hope to inspire you too to travel.

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