The Motoroamers’ Advanture Travelogs

With the way we travel changing in light of the UK’s exit from Europe, we too are evolving the way we share our adventures in our van – our advantures. Whilst on Facebook we share a lot of information on a daily basis about our trip journeys, we wanted to create a resource that brings all of our experiences, highlights and practicalities together.  And our eBooks are so popular that we have adopted a similar yet shorter style that brings our 90 day trips in Europe to life. The aim is to help you see what you can do in the time you have to travel. So welcome to our latest addition to our resource family – our Advanture Travelogs. 

Winter 21/22 – Snowbirds search for sun

After a difficult couple of years with the pandemic, having the chance to travel abroad again felt like a real privilege. To stretch our wings and fly again, reconnecting with the lifestyle that we have grown to value and love dearly. It was the first time that our travels have been influenced by our exit from Europe and our travelling through the Schengen Zone. So with a journey through France to our ‘pit stop’ destination in Denia, Spain we began our personal healing from this difficult period. It was a very different trip for us this time; very social after a disconnection from the world for nearly two years and a return to some familiar ground as we grounded our wandering toes back into the earth. With a bit of Spain in our sights and then a hop into Portugal for our second visit we had some new experiences to have. Come on in and see how things looked for us. Videos, Interactive maps and a lot of helpful information for you in a succinct and colourful format.

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