All the stuff we had to do before we set off

In this section we document all the processes we went through in order to lock up, sell up and get out on the open road in the hope to inspire you to do the same. We have  hints and tips on how to buy your first motorhome, where to store your furniture, the practicalities of paying income tax, insurances, what do you do about your M.O.T. and banking.

First Step Starter Kit

Click HERE for free and immediate access!  First Step Starter Kit - for newbie motorhomies The motorhome and camper community is growing exponentially and figures from the National Caravan Council say that this is only set to increase.  Life in a camper is incredible...

Going Digital

  You would think that in this day and age, creating a paperless office would be easy. I can categorically confirm that it is near damn impossible. Original hard copies are required wherever you go from V5 forms for your vehicles, original bills of sale in case you...

He’s Here, He’s Here!!!

Well, If we had ordered Scooby at the Motorhome Show in October 2015, Mick the salesman from DAVAN Motorhomes assured us that we would be going nowhere for 10 months such was the uptake of orders. But clever Myles and Karen ordered ours in September 2015 and yesterday...

We are now in…..


About Us

Hi, Karen & Myles, The Motoroamers here. We are a fun-loving couple travelling full-time around Europe in Scoobie our trusty camper. We're driven to deliver seriously entertaining travel through our blogs, photography and humorous videos. We hope to inspire you too to travel.

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