Our Guide to Meteora

Our Guide to Visiting Mesmerising Meteora

When you come to Meteora, northern Greece, be prepared for an experience and not just a visit.  This is a very special and spiritual place that needs time, space and respect.  Mother Nature and Spirituality fuse together in a symbiotic relationship to create a truly magical adventure.  Whether you walk, cycle or photograph, this place will talk to you.

Check out our 13 point Guide that is shaped by our four days here.  We hope it will help you make the most of this wonderland that will feed your eyes and nurture your soul.  Click on the link below to download your FREE PDF Guide.

A Guide to Meteora

Also we’ve added a Dave the Drone video to give you a bird’s eye view. Enjoy.  Kx

‘Dave’ does Sfinari beach, Crete

Well, as we sit patiently for the laptop doctor to wave his magic wand over Ms Moneypenny’s computer, it’s tie to catch up on the Vlog.  In our last week on Crete  ‘Dave’ got chance to stretch his wings at Elafonisi Beach but first here’s his efforts on a marvellous hideaway called Sfinari beach.

Dave does Drepano beach

Having spent 10 solid days entertaining and travelling we arrived at Drepano Beach, Igoumenitsa, Greece and dropped anchor, got ‘Dave’ out let him loose. Here’s the video.

‘Dave’ the drone finally takes off

‘Dave’ the drone finally takes off

Well, it finally happened. Dave finally got off the ground, took off the beginners tag and flew. Having spent the last 9 weeks in his box, well apart from a coupe of outings below the tree line in Los Pinos camping in Denia and an afternoon trial in Águilas, he was ready. This is just a short clip but I’m hoping to bring you some stonkin aerial footage of Europe’s most spectacular scenery as we meander along the many roads less travelled in the coming months ahead.

Mr Sunshine….