A trip through World War 1

A trip through World War 1

After nine months on the road and a pitstop at the marvellously cute Christmas market in Colmar, we wanted to expand our historical education by visiting the memorials of World War 1 along the France-Belgium border. Whilst the battlefields may look like they have all gone, the scars are all too obvious, leaving us with sobering reminders of the aftermath. With bloodshot eyes and a need for some more tissues here is the latest video log from The Motoroamers…

Ravelnik, Slovenia

I don’t get it…. When you try and do a serious piece there’s a mountain top growing out of your head…. Slovenia has been a delight and Bovec and the Soča valley has been one of our highlights.

However, as you gaze at the backdrop of the stunning mountain range, watch the kayak’s descend the babbling Soča river and float away with the glider pilots soaring high above, dotted here and there are poignant reminders of the harsh reality and brutality that this area experienced 100 years ago.

Lest we forget!