That’s what this journey is all about but some fears are harder than others of course.

First your hands clam up as your sweat glands open up,  your eyes blur as you become a little off balance. The power disappears from your thigh muscles as if someone has opened up a tap on your achilles heel.  You say to yourself ‘You can do this, just don’t look down’, but the more you tell yourself not to look down the more you take a sneaky peak down. People walk past you as if they’re walking down the street. You feel stupid and tell yourself again ‘Just look straight ahead a foot in front of you’. One step, two step…. The hairs on the back of your neck bristle and your upper back starts to perspire as your heart rate rises. You’re breathing has gone to pot. It really does’t matter what you say to yourself, by this point it’s all over. Only one thing for it, turn around and get the hell out of there. I’m sure it’s a nice view but it’s not worth this pain. You gingerly turn around hugging the cliff edge and head back up the path, lactic acid pouring into your leg muscles as you go half a step at a time, your face now whiter than snow.  You get to the top and sit down, you’re heart pounding out of your chest your legs hardly able to walk to the bar you’ve spotted… Dos Cerveza’s por favor, and make em big..

VERTIGO- it’s my nemesis. I will persevere but for now…


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