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2020/21 will go down as unprecedented times for our generation. As we have been thrown into global lockdowns, isolation and social distancing, it has brought out the best and worst in human behaviour although we fundamentally believe that kindness will prevail. This period has driven us to create some well-being videos that support us through tough times, whether Covid related or not.

A focus on mental and physical health was finally tackled although perhaps a little too late. Our attention on our well-being was triggered very early on and  these videos are as a result of our passion. As we learnt to live in confined spaces, not able to make contact with our social groups and loved ones, or stranded in foreign countries that are not our homeland – these all put an immense strain on  our mental well-being.  So The Motoroamers and Friends have come together to bring a range of Well-being topics to our homes to support us as we navigate these difficult times. From nutrition to fitness, boredom busters to home-education, there’s something for everyone to help them Cope through Covid and beyond. These videos and resources are available 247 and can be viewed and accessed as often as you need. Come on in and realise that we are #inthistogether.

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The oak fought the wind and was broken. The willow, bent when he must and survived.    Robert Jordan

Support Notes and Summaries

To accompany some of the videos, there are supporting notes that will offer you resources, recipes or links to more information. Please feel free to click and download. 

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Hi, Karen & Myles, The Motoroamers here. We are a fun-loving couple travelling full-time around Europe in Scoobie our trusty camper. We're driven to deliver seriously entertaining travel through our blogs, photography and humorous videos. We hope to inspire you too to travel.

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