Brand new for 2017

A whole set of aerial videos from our newly purchased Drone Copter  ‘Dave”… From beaches and mountain ranges to gorges, valleys, flora and forna… We hope to bring you some amazing aerial footage of the most spectacular video photography from around Europe… Stay tuned and subscribe to our dedicated you tube channel ‘OUR DRONE DAVE’ 

But before we get into the fun stuff, a little bit about the serious stuff. In light of the recent events at Gatwick Airport ( June/July 2017) I have added a PDF of the drone code as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on the issue of safe drone flying

It is fairly self explanatory and whilst filming a jumbo jet landing would make for awesome footage let’s try and stick to the code and enjoy flying.

Now the serious stuff is over, let’s get to the videos.

Podbanské, Tatra National Park Cycle ride

Podbanské, Tatra National Park Cycle ride

Well Hello everybods, Smiley here doing a blog. I know I know, doesn't happen very often but with the prolific Ms Moneypenny banging them out I would be foolish to compete. However, when we have a jolly nice day out and take Darth our new drone along for the ride it...

Dave does Shipka Pass, Bulgaria

High up in the mountains above Shipka on the Shipka pass in Bulgaria stands a dilapidated relic of communist Russia's dominance. Used in its hey day as a socialist assembly centre it is now a sorry sate of it's former glory.  

Dave does Kastoria, Greece

Our penultimate destination of 10 weeks in Greece and it's a belter. Home to the Cambridge and Oxford rowing crews for their winter training Kastoria is a wealthy town due to it's historical fur trade. Yaff come here...