Brand new for 2017

A whole set of aerial videos from our newly purchased Drone Copter  ‘Dave”… From beaches and mountain ranges to gorges, valleys, flora and forna… We hope to bring you some amazing aerial footage of the most spectacular video photography from around Europe… Stay tuned and subscribe to our dedicated you tube channel ‘OUR DRONE DAVE’ 

But before we get into the fun stuff, a little bit about the serious stuff. In light of the recent events at Gatwick Airport ( June/July 2017) I have added a PDF of the drone code as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority on the issue of safe drone flying

It is fairly self explanatory and whilst filming a jumbo jet landing would make for awesome footage let’s try and stick to the code and enjoy flying.

Now the serious stuff is over, let’s get to the videos.

Dave does Meteora, Greece

Dave's gloves are off as he flies again. Sneekily snook into Ms Moneypenny's last post, if you haven't seen it here's Dave taking on the awesome sight of Meteora and her Monasteries in northern Greece.

Our Guide to Meteora

Our Guide to Visiting Mesmerising Meteora When you come to Meteora, northern Greece, be prepared for an experience and not just a visit.  This is a very special and spiritual place that needs time, space and respect.  Mother Nature and Spirituality fuse together in a...

‘Dave’ does Sfinari beach, Crete

Well, as we sit patiently for the laptop doctor to wave his magic wand over Ms Moneypenny's computer, it's tie to catch up on the Vlog.  In our last week on Crete  'Dave' got chance to stretch his wings at Elafonisi Beach but first here's his efforts on a marvellous...