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As part of our passion for inspiring you to travel, we are creating digital books that we hope will help you along the way. Each one is FREE to download to as many devices as you wish, either through iBooks if you have it or simply as a PDF. The library will evolve as our travels grow and as our creativity for producing great content blossoms. So keep coming back here to see what’s new.

The Kingdom of Sweden

Travelling Sweden by Motorhome

This is the third in our Summer in Scandinavia trilogy and most definitely a highlight. After our Denmark and Norway adventures, how does Sweden match up? Well it is most definitely high on our ‘must return to’ list and one of Europe’s best kept secrets. You will not be disappointed and we hope we can inspire you to check it out for yourselves. Click the book image to access your FREE eBook now!

Magical Mystery Tour of Morocco

Morocco by Motorhome

In this latest eBook, we focus on travelling to and around Morocco in a motorhome. With practical tips this guide will help demystify Morocco and answer all those concerns that come up when we consider exploring a new continent. This is crucial reading to helping you dream and plan your ultimate African road-trip. Click the book image to access your FREE eBook now!

Nordic Norway

How to Explore Norway in a Motorhome/RV

In this, our second eBook in our Summer in Scandinavia series, we focus on travelling to and around Norway in a motorhome. With practical tips, videos, links and downloadable PDF’s, there is everything you need for your Bucket List trip. Nordic Norway is our most comprehensive and detailed guide yet, which will become an essential companion to your Nordic travels. Click the book image to access your FREE eBook now!

Discovering Delicious Denmark

Making Denmark a destination not a journey

After our three week road-trip in May 2019, we feel passionate about putting Denmark on the map and encouraging you to see this as a place to explore and not just pass through en route to Norway or Sweden. Be inspired to visit after following our journey and seeing our route highlights. And get ready to put Denmark on your next travel itinerary. Click on the image to get access to your FREE to download eBook.

Visiting Norway’s Lofoten Islands

An honest guide to exploring this iconic Nordic archipelago

After seven weeks travelling through Norway, we amassed many magnificent memories. High on our Wish List was the iconic Lofoten Islands. Although the Lofotens have been consumed by the same tourist tsunami of other popular destinations. With outstanding marketing and picture-perfect images, who wouldn’t want to experience these humble little islands? In this guide we share the Good, Bad and Ugly as we toured around this charming yet overwhelmed destination, seeking to share the truth behind the glossy promotion. The Lofotens are a must – although get your timing right and you will find the reality soon meets your expectations.

Read how to make the most of your visit to the Lofotens by clicking on the book.


Camping Cuisine Cookery Book

Dishing up great food with taste and simplicity

We have always loved our food and decided that living on the road would not compromise our cooking capability. Whilst compact space, long travel days and minimal utensils can be a challenge, creating tasty, nourishing and simple food is not difficult. It just needs a dash of organisation, a pinch of creativity and a serving of love. We have been working on this Cookery Book for a couple of years and have been inspired by loved ones, our camping community and the countries we have visited. We are so happy to share these recipes all cooked in our humble kitchen on board our motorhome. Download for free with our love by clicking on the Cookery Book image.

Your Pathway through Poland

After seven weeks touring Poland, we have been touched by its profound character, its beautiful landscape and the historical scars that have defined its modern spirit. We arrived with few expectations and left with an immense sense of compassion and passion for this noble country that was never truly on our radar. Poland has touched us deeply and has been one of the greatest surprises of our 30 months on the road. Let us be your Guide through this precious country and help you shape your own pathway, finding campsites that will delight, towns and cities that will wow and a culture that will affect you.   

Download your FREE eBook now by clicking on the image to the left. 

Our Captivating Guide to Crete

Let us be your Guide around this mesmerising island and inspire you to explore every corner of this diverse Greek treasure.  Whether you arrive with a tent, travel over in your own motorhome or fly and hire a camper, Our Captivating Guide to Crete, will help make this as memorable a trip for you as it was for us.  

Download your FREE eBook now by clicking on the image to the left. 

A Guide to Getting by in…

If conversing with the locals scares you as it did me a decade ago, then this is the Guide for you. Being a responsible traveller for us is , amongst other things about trying to speak some of the language of each country we travel through. Although conversing with confidence can be tricky, especially, if like me you are a right brain creative type and not like Myles who has a left brain geared for languages. This Guide collects together 32 words and phrases, 24 numbers from 14 different European countries to help you in the planning phase of your travels. Download this FREE eBook now by clicking the image to your left. 

First Step Starter Kit for Newbies

We have the philosophy of ‘Every day is a school day’ and this humbling mind-set travels as our companion. Although when we think back to the journey we made back in April 2016 when Myles uttered those immortal words, ‘Shall we pack up and go travelling?’ we began a whole rollercoaster ride. From that point forward our lives would never be the same again and within 10 months we had moved through fears, researched and chosen our new van, decided on accessories, packed up and packed in, last seen heading for the European sunset.

In that time we amassed a huge amount of experience often through painful lessons and whilst we don’t have a golden oracle, we do hope that some of our journey built into this e-Book guide might be helpful to those of you about to embark on a similar path. Download yours FREE by clicking the image.    

A Guide to Meteora, Greece…

Travelling around Europe is exposing us to some seriously amazing sights and one of our most memorable has to be Meteora in northern Greece. With it’s magical floating monasteries it offers you geology, history, hiking and the most incredible sunrises and sunsets. Here we have put together a 14 point guide on how to make the best of your visit here. So why not download your FREE copy now. 

We are now in…..


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