First Step Starter Kit

A Comprehensive Guide for newbie motorhomies

A couple of years back we developed a Guide for those people who were looking to buy a motorhome and live a life on the road. Well it has had a make-over and we are pleased to relaunch this essential Guide with new information that we have gathered over the last two years. So if you are thinking about buying a camper for short, long or full-time road-trips, this is the one download you need to read.


This First Step Starter Kit offers you 6 key steps for buying the right van to suit your needs, your lifestyle and your budget. Helping to you kit it out with the right gizmos and gadgets to give you a noiseless travel experience. With new info on taking your trips abroad with Brexit and Schengen restrictions, this up to date Guide is essential reading for those inspired to travel with four wheels.  A fool-proof set of steps to follow that makes finding your new home a joyful journey that will be sparked with enthusiasm and excitement.

You can look through the Guide on-line by clicking the image and turning the pages using your arrow keys, or you can download a pdf version that allows you to save it to your device and keep it forever.


If for any reason you are experiencing problems viewing the magazine on any of your devices, please click HERE to read it.


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