Well, a year has passed and what fun we’ve had. 13K plus miles, 10 countries and adventure galore. We have compiled a full years accounts split into two 6 month sections for your information. In the second 6 months we budgeted monthly for all the annual costs that are incurred such as Insurance, Road Tax, Services etc…

Here are some notes for your guidance if you wish to budget for a full year away or just for comparison

  1. All our furniture is in storage so you can deduct this if you don’t need storage.
  2. The insurance cost reflects our ‘full-time’ status. If you only go away for 9 months you can slice £600 off that.
  3. Entertainment includes, DVD boxsets, Scooter hire, Gorge walks, Castle visits etc..
  4. Repairs include bits for a sliding shelf, fibreglass kit, 2 front tyres,shoe racks,
  5. We ate out mostly at lunchtime. The evening category is mostly meals out at christmas visiting friends
  6. Capital items include a mini drill, panniers and bike bits for the electric bikes, new table, table cloth, heater for the awning.
  7. Wifi/Mifi. As bloggers we are heavy users of internet. This cost can be significantly reduced if you’re just picking up emails
  8. The Cafe amount surprised me but if you go to a cafe once a fortnight and spend €10 it all adds up


Here the link to our 1st 12 months full-timing expenses 12 months expenses