Well, If we had ordered Scooby at the Motorhome Show in October 2015, Mick the salesman from DAVAN Motorhomes assured us that we would be going nowhere for 10 months such was the uptake of orders. But clever Myles and Karen ordered ours in September 2015 and yesterday ( on our way back from Stoke to watch the mighty Potters destroy Man City with consumate ease) we popped in to see him for the very first time… and how excited were we. We actually got the call that he was in in the wednesday last week just as we were headed up north so had to drive by on the motorway and had to wait another 4 days until we could touch, feel and drool over our lovely new home. image1Bedroomimage8

The motoroamers have their home. A few alterations and he will be delivered (BEFORE CHRISTMAS). Everyone’s a winner! Just a bit of snow on Chrimbo Day morning and it’s Oh Happy Days!!

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