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How to Explore Norway in a Motorhome/RV


In this latest edition to our eBook family we offer you Part 2 of our Summer in Scandinavia series where we are embraced by Norway’s Nordic magnificence. With our expectations soaring after our time in Denmark and Sweden, how would we fair in Europe’s most northerly country?  What a geological masterpiece is was, with each of our senses flirted with by Norway’s visual appeal.  With a backdrop of mountains, crystal blue fjords and blue skies, would Norway meet our hopes and dreams?


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What will this eBook give you?

Norway has a reputation for being mesmerisingly beautiful and expensive, putting many of us off travelling to this wonderland. Yet in this latest eBook our mission is to show you how you turn your dreams of exploring Norway in a motorhome, a reality. In this book you will get:

  • 120 pages of comprehensive Norway highlights and information to whet your appetite
  • 7 Route Guides through our Norway best bits
  • Links to all our blogs, videos and essential trip planning websites
  • Practical tips about making our trip memorable, safe and affordable
  • A list of all the places we stayed with co-ordinates 
  • A link to our Interactive Map with detailed itinerary guides
  • A free PDF of all our Shopping Items complete with 2019 prices 
  • A copy of expenses throughout our seven weeks.


Why not download and save this latest eBook, for FREE with our love.  Our passion is to inspire you to travel when you can, however you can, for as long as you can. 



Click the book image to download and save your FREE copy, now!


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