Ah Italy, What can we say about Italy. Well, having spent 12 weeks in Italy in 2016 and 2017 we have developed a love/hate relationship for ‘The boot’. On the one hand you have history, bags of it. From pre roman times to World war II, and shabby chic amalfi and the italian riviera and on the other hand you have the roads and the drivers. You will need nerves of steel to visit this beautiful country, but visit you must. There are delights everywhere.

The Four Faces of Venice

The Four Faces of Venice

If Hollywood is the land of dreams, then Venice is the land of love. With its unique landscape of buildings submerged in the salty waters that brought its wealth and its network of canals, Venice will have you falling head over heels. Each visit leaves me breathless...

Stelvio Pass – Bucket List Drive

Stelvio Pass – Bucket List Drive

Stelvio Pass, Italy - are you game for the ride of your life that gets your heart pumping, your legs wobbling and your eyes bulging with all the incredible scenery? A ride that takes you from the edge of your seat to the edge of fear - and back again. We had the...

Cinque Terre – High 5 or Low 5?

Cinque Terre – High 5 or Low 5?

Anticipation filled the autumn air as we looked ahead to Italy’s Cinque Terre. The Famous Five; a coastal stretch of Italy's Riviera that is home to five quaint fishing villages, pastel coloured houses that perch precariously on the rock-face where residents live life...

Setting a Route for Greece

Setting a Route for Greece

Sitting in Spain at the beginning of the year, we started contemplating the next chapter in our Motoroaming adventures - our Greek Odyssey.  How best to get there?  Did we go overland and take two weeks to get there with the investment of diesel, wear and tear on the...


As recommendations go this one was a belter. If you're ever darn sarf in Italy check this place out. Think Clovelly in Devon and you won't be far off. We really enjoyed our afternoon.

Porto Venere, Italy

Porto Venere, Italy

Along the coastline from Cinque Terre on Italy's riviera coastline lies Porto Venere, just west of La Spezia. One of our favourite spots along that particular coast, it's cozy, has charm and is a delight to go and visit.

Il Colono agritourismo campsite

Don't normally do campsite reviews as they are so subjective but nestled in the Tuscan hills is a little gem. Il Colono agritourism campsite that has space for only 6 Motorhomes as well as a few tents lies 2km north of Pomerance on the road to Volterra is a beauty....

Shabby Chic Amalfi wiv steps

It's amazing how many steps you get in a small town. But when it's built on a hill I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise. Amalfi was a delight, as is the whole of the amalfi coast. The ferry from Salerno cost €8 single and took 35 minutes. The white knuckle bus ride...


A beautiful walled city in Southern Italy built about 700BC by the Greeks. It's well worth a visit.

San Fellipe Volcano spa pools

San Fellipe Volcano spa pools

Well, I've done some pretty strange things in my time but this surely has to be up there. So the boss says ' There's some thermal spa pools in the area, shall we go'? 'OK, I replied', thinking entrance fee, changing rooms, budgie smugglers and cap, no canoodling in...

The monastery of Montecassino

Imagine our surprise when after 4 hours of motorway driving, fatigue setting in and we had to do a big shop as well, there was a 'sosta' on a hill in the monastery carpark.... The town 'sosta' looked a bit scruffy.. run down and graffiti everywhere so we headed up the...

Florence, Italy

Florence, with it's marble Cathedral, Ponte Vechio and many more attractions will enchant your senses for ever and a day. A trip to Italy cannot be complete without a trip to this historic city.....

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