Whilst for many of us our attention may be firmly placed on Christmas festivities, for others, New Year is a more welcome prospect with the hope of a fresh start and new adventures. For us, this time of year is always about reflection, reminiscing about our experiences and being grateful for all the people we have met, all the experiences we’ve enjoyed and the learning that we’ve had.

And whilst we’re feeling grateful, this is such a great opportunity for us to say a huge ‘THANK YOU’ to each and every one of you who have chosen to follow our journey and support us along the way.  Your encouragement to post funny videos and deliver our blogs just keeps us driven to provide content that we hope is meaningful and that of course is seriously entertaining to boot.

So our gesture of thanks come in the form of three different Calendars that feature some of our best photography over the last couple of years.  Whilst not full, hard copy versions, in this age of technology and ease, we wanted to produce something that could be easily downloaded onto your device and be a visual reminder – given how much time we spend with a laptop or iPad in our hands.

There are three calendars to choose from

Our Best Shots Calendar

Scoobie’s Sleepy Spots Calendar

Nature at its Best Calendar

You can download all three if you wish and please do feel free to share with others.  They are free and you can download as many times as you wish.

We would like to wish you happy festivities and more importantly a healthy, happy and fulfilling 2018.  We look forward to bringing you more excitement and adventures in the months to come.  Thanks for being with us.

Karen, Myles and Scoobie.