Hey, I’m Myles but you can call me Smiley.


Suave, sophisticated, debonaire, ….. Strangely enough these aren’t the words normally associated with me. I know, I know, I don’t get it either, but at least my fwends fink I’m speshal.  ‘A present that just keeps on giving’ says one, ‘An annoying little dwarf’ says another.
I’m just a fun loving guy who left school and bumbled my way through the corporate jungle trying to find what I was best suited to, and…  I STILL DON’T KNOW.  One thing is certain – I wanted a better life than the one served up by the corporate matrix – I wanted a life of richness, adventure, enterprise and happiness; not suits and ties, company politics and breakfast meetings.

Hey, I’m Karen but you can call me Karen.


I am a lover of all things creative; photography, poetry, writing books and mother nature. In between a great deal of stress (all self-induced) there have been many moments of this beautiful creativity, although I am now making a stand to have more of this in my life. I have had my career in the corporate world, working in personal and leadership development. In 2012, my burnt-out soul took a leap of faith to leave the safe and lucrative corporate cage, follow my heart and put myself first. As a result I found a much more peaceful space to live in. Teaching children meditation and mindfulness, working with special needs kids in our local Donkey Assisted Therapy centre and book writing became my passions and it felt much more me. This space helped me find the true meaning of happiness and led me to create my new vocation over at Lovemyhappyheart where I help burnt-out people recover from their happiness thieves; stress, self-doubt and passivity and finally make a stand to make THEIR happiness a priority.

Our Story

It’s a cliché I know, but it’s true. We are a couple of burned out ex-corporate types who saw the light and decided that a big change was needed before ‘The Matrix’ sucked us up, spat us out and left us for dead.

So we made a plan – A 10 year plan

What sort of plan? Oh not much really. Complete a nine year house renovation, liquidate limited companies, relocate from the Isle of Man back to the UK, allocate investments and re-align our thought processes and therefore ultimately to do what makes us happy. We should have been happy but something was wrong. We were stressed to up to our eyeballs. So what was wrong? We had all the trappings – The big house, the home cinema system with super-dooper surround sound mega woofer speaker system, nice cars, but we also had the entrapment of the dead end jobs that had to pay for it all. We were not tuned in to ourselves and what we wanted from our lives. So we started a process of change.A process that saw us clear our debt, de-clutter our lives, relocate and give us time to convalesce and re-assess. And what better way to do that than……ON A FARM…..

Life on the farm

Not realising what impact it would have on us, we rented a barn on a working farm and got involved in the animals, bought a poly tunnel and grew some veg.  We had a go on all the boy’s toys, made cider from the orchard and, more importantly we created some time to assess what happiness actually meant for us. Life on the farm taught us about a way of life that we hadn’t encountered before.  And we liked the earthiness of it and how it made us feel.
Life was great. We cleared our debt, had no mortgage to pay and no more political games to play at work. We went foraging for berries and nuts, made jams, chutneys and home made wine. Myles was playing golf 3 times a week and Karen was a volunteer at the Donkey Sanctury and was teaching meditation to special needs children… All was good, right?  Nope, something was missing. 

Our eureka moment

In 2015 we hired a motorhome for 6 weeks and toured New Zealand for our 25th weeding anniversary… And it was fantastic – so fantastic in fact that we when came back we decided to buy one and go on an adventure…. Never quite that simple though is it? It made pefect sense. Our lives were in a state of limbo. In 2012 we relocated from the Isle of Man to Somerset and we were just hanging around for something to happen; waiting for investments to improve. We didn’t have any financial pressure but all the money coming in, was going straight back out. We were treading waters as it were. So going on an adventure whist things sorted themselves out seemed a perfect solution. After an initial burst of excitement, the barriers started to go up, one after another.. What if we break down, what if we’re ill, what if Mum falls ill, …….. So every weekend we discussed each issue and rationalised each fear, uncertainty and doubt, making them smaller until they disappeared completely. The process started in April and by August we had put the deposit down on a Pilote 740C; ‘Scoobie’, our magical mystery machine. And that was it. All the furniture went in storage, all the paperwork was digitised, the keys handed back to our landlord and we were off. To who knows where and for who knows how long.

So, what’s in the website?

Just entertainment really. As we boldly go where we’ve never been before let us feed your wanderlust with tales of adventure, images of breathtaking natural beauty and videos of sheer stupidity. We hope you get inspired enough to one day throw it all in and go travelling yourself but in the meantime check out the latest from our blog, subscribe to our Youtube channel for the latest videos or just signup to our monthly newsletter for a roundup of what’s been happening on our travels 


We are now in…..


About Us

Hi, Karen & Myles, The Motoroamers here. We are a fun-loving couple travelling full-time around Europe in Scoobie our trusty camper. We're driven to deliver seriously entertaining travel through our blogs, photography and humorous videos. We hope to inspire you too to travel.

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