When my lovely wife suggested getting packing cubes for the cupboards I thought- yeah, whatevs.. fill ya boots. In my defence I was busy doing ‘man cave stuff’ like what are we going to watch on TV and what tools to put into ‘the’ toolkit to really care I don’t mind telling ya but 4 months in they have been invaluable. You can store all your pants in one cube, socks in another- all your t-shirts go in a big one and you just take out of the cupboard the cube you need, withdraw the necessary item, zip it back up again and shove the cube back in the cupboard. No re-arranging, re-organising. the cupboard remains uncluttered and not jumbled up. They’re bloody marvellous.

Buy Some- They’re brill

Packing Cubes- Tellin ya, they’re the future!