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A steam basket

Our first product review of 2017 is an item from the kitchen. We had been looking for one for a couple of weeks whilst back in the UK over Christmas and quite by chance walked past it on our way out of the shop. and it works a treat... Happy days

A motoroaming ‘Juice demo’ – Part 2

Not content with just one kitchen gadget we also have another one... Nice and compact, the nutri-bullet  fits nicely away in the cupboard and gets used almost daily. It's only drawback is that you can't do bacon in it but nevertheless it does the job.. Get yours...

A motoroaming ‘Juice Demo’- Part 1

Here at motoroaming central it's not all about bacon sandwiches, french bread and English breakfasts... ( more's the pity). We do things healthily too. Here's part 1 of a two part series in the art of juice making in a  motorhome expertly demonstrated by the lovely...

Grip mats

As with everything, it's all about technique as I found to my detriment using these mats for the first two times. The key, after a successful third attempt, is to peg them down both front and back at every stage of the journey off the soggy grass pitch that you find...

Don’t get stuck on grass…..

Grass pitches..... They're great aren't they. Nice feel under foot, you can lie on it, play on it, park your motorhome on it but when it rains and rains and it does't stop raining it's a bugger to get off. Well, using the right technique you don't have to get stuck...

T’interweb and all that.

'Let's go travelling' she said. 'Ok, I replied, Lets. And then I thought, holy schmokes, we consume over 30 gigs of data per month a house!!!  ( and no we don't download movies). How do we manage that in a motorhome travelling Europe? We can do without TV but...

Packing Cubes- Man, Get some!

When my lovely wife suggested getting packing cubes for the cupboards I thought- yeah, whatevs.. fill ya boots. In my defence I was busy doing ‘man cave stuff’ like what are we going to watch on TV and what tools to put into ‘the’ toolkit to really care I don’t mind...

Inverters….. They’re the future!

So, you've bought a Motorhome. Great, congratulations, you're on your way, the world is your lobster. All you have to do now is to kit it out with extras and the one I want to talk about here is 'THE INVERTER'.  Do you install one or don't you install one?...

We are now in…..


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Hi, Karen & Myles, The Motoroamers here. We are a fun-loving couple travelling full-time around Europe in Scoobie our trusty camper. We're driven to deliver seriously entertaining travel through our blogs, photography and humorous videos. We hope to inspire you too to travel.

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