Well, our first six months is up… Tempus ‘bloody’ fugit… there’s no doubt about that! Where’s it gone? It’s gone, that’s where but it’s been a blast. 7 countries in just over 7000 miles. We’ve visited mountain ranges, castles, cities, tourist attractions, rivers and villages and plenty of coastline. We’ve stayed on campsites, marinas, ‘free and not so free’ aires, wild camped and stayed with friends. The weather has been ‘variable’ to say the least and we’ve had a few repairs to make and improvements to install. We’ve met some really nice people and hope to meet a load more. Our digital nomadic lifestyle is well and truly underway.

Just before we left I built a spreadsheet to record our expenses as we go, firstly to get rid of all  the receipts and invoices and secondly ( as we’ve never done this before) it’s good to know how much you’re spending and on what. The good thing about spreadsheets is that you type your receipt in once and it does all the calculations for you so in order to get a summary of your outgoings all you have to do is press a button. Et Voilà…..

Et Voilà indeed. Here are the results of ‘the motoroamers’ expenses sheet. Some figures made me ‘grimace and twist my neck’, some I’ve nodded in agreement with and some left me with that ‘pleasantly surprised  smug look of satisfaction’… You know the one I mean…

For all you wannabe full timers I hope you find it useful and for those experienced of us will have already been through this process and will have set budgets in place. One’s thing’s for sure though, the next six months figures won’t be the same and 2: we ain’t stopping cos wesa lovin’ it so much we’re just gonna “KEEP ON TRUCKIN’…..  TTFN

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