A friend of mine who had a Hymer said to me ‘Are you going to get some skid wheels when you buy your new motorhome”. ‘What are they’, I replied. We walked around the back of his van and he showed me. ‘These little wheels have saved me a lot of money’, he continued, They protect the back skirt especially going on and off ferries’.

A month later we were sitting in front of the salesman drawing up a list of all the extras we wanted and I mentioned skid wheels. He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. We agreed to leave these off and I would source them and fit them myself and thanks goodness I did. Whilst it’s only fibreglass skirting it is expensive to replace and having been away for a month now those wheels have saved my back skirt 3 times. At £300.00 a pop for a new skirt to be fitted my £89 investment has been a winner. If you have a fixed bed motorhome or a long overhang from the back wheels get yourself some skid wheels. You won’t regret it! Here’s the link from where I got mine. http://www.bigdug.co.uk/trucks-trolleys-c22/castors-wheels-c1996/specialist-castors-c2231/low-level-59-series-castors-with-polyurethane-on-cast-iron-wheels-pp16344