Our first destination in March 2016 as we embarked on what we thought would be a year long trip was just as cold, wet and windy as Plymouth. Well it was in Santander and the north and middle plains. But we soon got into the travel bug and headed down through Burgos, Segovia and Salamanca on our way south to warmer climes. What we discovered is that if you stay away from the costas Spain is full of historical richness dating back to battles with the moors, the muslims and the romans. Historical architecture is all around and what a wonderful introduction we had to our travels. Since then we have turned several times, winterising on the east coast but still like to find new places to discover and Spain hasn’t let us down yet.

Bilbao and its Guggenheim

Think of Spain's Bilbao and what comes to mind? Ferries, industrial port or perhaps the most iconic building - The Guggenheim Museum. Set on the northern coast of Spain, Bilbao is much like any other city you pass through; enormous, all-consuming and  a...

Viva España

Travelling through Spain over the last two years has been an enlightening experience that has taught us plenty, surprised us consistently and captivated us completely.  Ever since our first steps on these shores, when we set out on our nomadic adventure in...

24 hrs in Girona, Catalonia

The first thing that struck us as we arrived in this Catalan city was how quiet it was. I suppose we have comparisons of London, Birmingham, Paris even to benchmark it against. Few cars lingered at the lights and few people were rushing from street to...

Beyond the Beaches of Malaga

Spain; the image of its Costas, tavernas and golf courses, enticing holiday makers to indulge in the heat of the summer and the warmth of winter. So many flock to her southern shores and soak up the Spanish rays and revel in the delights of her sandy...

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