Our first destination in March 2016 as we embarked on what we thought would be a year long trip was just as cold, wet and windy as Plymouth. Well it was in Santander and the north and middle plains. But we soon got into the travel bug and headed down through Burgos, Segovia and Salamanca on our way south to warmer climes. What we discovered is that if you stay away from the costas Spain is full of historical richness dating back to battles with the moors, the muslims and the romans. Historical architecture is all around and what a wonderful introduction we had to our travels. Since then we have turned several times, winterising on the east coast but still like to find new places to discover and Spain hasn’t let us down yet.

Our Route France to Spain

Highlights from our France to Spain Road Trip Winter is a season that calls us snow-birds south to the warmer climes of southern Spain, where we can shelter from the harsh realities of England's unpredictable forecasts. Except the call of Español is far...

Setting a Route for Greece

Sitting in Spain at the beginning of the year, we started contemplating the next chapter in our Motoroaming adventures - our Greek Odyssey.  How best to get there?  Did we go overland and take two weeks to get there with the investment of diesel, wear and tear on the...

Spanish Highlights

As we sit in Italy waiting for our ferry to Greece, we've had time to reflect on our Spanish adventures.  Here is an infographic summary of our highlights from our four months over the last year.  Click the link below to get access....

Beyond Barcelona

Now don't get me wrong, Barcelona is such a vibrant, engaging and enthralling city, that a weekend will more than do its streets and monuments justice. (Here is a Guide to a blister-free Barcelona trip.) Although there is always so much more to a city than just within...

A Guide to Barcelona – without Blisters

Having been to Barcelona before, I was interested to see how I would feel coming back into the city for a third visit.  We had a friend to stay, so it offered a great chance to explore and see things with fresh eyes perhaps.  What I learnt is that there is always...

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