Fat Bottom Girls

Fat Bottom Girls

Sorry Freddie but these girls most definitely weren’t. “What’s that woman doing standing on the side of the road,  I mused this morning as Scoobie hit the road once again. Must be waiting for a ride ‘. I thought innocently. Wait a cotton pickin minute!!! She was waiting for a ride all right. If her shorts were any shorter you could have seen what she had had for breakfast.

I carried on driving without mentioning it until 5 minutes later Karen pipes up..

Have you noticed these girls by side of the road, that’s the fourth one, they’re not, you know, are they?

‘Yeah, that’s exactly what they are’. I replied. ‘Look there’s another’.

‘Well bloody hell, how brazen is that, in the middle of the day’, Karen added.

As we continued on down our route for the day we spotted several more. Tall ones, short ones, chinese looking ones, tanned ones, pale ones…. Every taste catered for it would seem. Some had a deck chair to sit on,  when business was slow presumably, some didn’t. Perhaps no need. But one things for sure, I bet the farmers were putting extra shifts in in the fields.


Where is it? Oh, forgot to mention… its on the stretch between Oliva and Gandia on the N332…