Kayak ( with go faster turbo system)

Well, what an interesting day that was. As always, trying to outdo the undo-able, the motoroamers hit the high seas in an attempt to break the water speed record for two people in an inflatable kayak. It didn’t quite go as planned……


Tribord Itiwit 2

Our first Product review. The Tribord Itiwit 2, an inflatable two man kayak. 14 KG’s in weight it compacts into a nice small bag and blows up in seconds. A nice safety feature are the removable seats the you can remove and use as floating devices for that t’just in case’ moment. We’ve had great fun so far and hope to continue using it as we travel around. We bought it from Decathlon in France and when it developed a split they immediately gave us a replacement so hats off to them for not quibbling about it.