The Motoroamers’ Magazine Series

Wild Camping Inspirations 

Here it is – our very first E-zine from our Magazine Series. We are constantly looking for new ways to present our information and so we hope that this new digital magazine series keeps everything fresh and highly valuable.

This first mag focuses on our love for Wild Camping and we have shared our 27 favourite spots across Europe with photos and co-ordinates. Now the extra bit of magic is that the co-ordinates are highlighted in red; if you click on them they take you directly to Google Maps, from where you are then able to create directions. How amazing is this technology?

You can look through the magazine on-line by clicking the image and turning the pages using your arrow keys, or you can download a pdf version that allows you to save it to your device and keep it forever. The co-ordinate links still work in the PDF too.

We hope that it gives you a taster of our wild camping best bits and gives you inspiration to find these little gems for yourself and enjoy the freedom and joy of nature’s wild beauty.


If for any reason you are experiencing problems viewing the magazine on any of your devices, please click HERE to read it.


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