World War Memorials

I don’t know why but until we arrived in a place called Bovec in Slovenia and the tourist office lady said there’s a World War 1 memorial just down the road at Ravelnik did it ever occur to me that our travels would ultimately uncover many of the scars of both world wars…and then some. .

A trip through World War 1

A trip through World War 1

After nine months on the road and a pitstop at the marvellously cute Christmas market in Colmar, we wanted to expand our historical education by visiting the memorials of World War 1 along the France-Belgium border. Whilst the battlefields may look like they have all...


A beautiful walled city in Southern Italy built about 700BC by the Greeks. It's well worth a visit.

The monastery of Montecassino

Imagine our surprise when after 4 hours of motorway driving, fatigue setting in and we had to do a big shop as well, there was a 'sosta' on a hill in the monastery carpark.... The town 'sosta' looked a bit scruffy.. run down and graffiti everywhere so we headed up the...

Ravelnik, Slovenia

I don't get it.... When you try and do a serious piece there's a mountain top growing out of your head.... Slovenia has been a delight and Bovec and the Soča valley has been one of our highlights. However, as you gaze at the backdrop of the stunning mountain range,...

Humbled by Obersalzberg’s History

Humbled by Obersalzberg’s History

When it comes to remembering my lessons at school, I have to be honest and say that History wasn't my favourite - I was more interested in English and Geography.  Although I do remember that the two Great World Wars of the last century most certainly made it onto...

We are now in…..


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