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May be you’ve been following us for a while, or perhaps you are newbies to our wonderful community. Either way you are appreciated & welcomed. Over the years, we have developed our Social Media channels, ensuring that we cater for everyone’s different styles.

With our shift in focus to topics about creating freedom, we want to make sure that you keep up to date with the articles that interest you the most. For many of you, that may be travel related, as this may be how you found us.

Our passions however, have culminated into something far broader than just travel. Whilst travel remains a primary focus, there is so much more we want to share.

The reality is that perhaps you’re not on Social Media, or simply don’t have the time to keep checking our site for new posts. Or may be if you’re signed up to our monthly newsletter, that emails get lost in your in-box. What if there was a much easier solution that gives you the freedom to choose what you engage with and when?

The easiest way is to subscribe to all our blogs with Blogtrotter, a service that delivers all your favourite news, blogs and feeds straight to your email in-box, giving you the flexility to read at your leisure or on the go. Simply click the button above, add our URL website address ( to their screen and you will receive all our blogs directly to your email at a time that suits you. Never again miss anything from your favourite travellers and coaches. 

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If you want inspirational travel content, connect with the team to follow their world-wide travels. There is also a private Motoroamers’ Chat Room over on Facebook and PolarSteps; so every angle is covered.


If you are intrigued about yoga and want to know more, connect with Karen on her social media channels.

Financial Freedom

Learn to be the boss of your own money. Follow Myles´s social media channels where he helpes you to take control of your future!