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Feeding your wanderlust, building confidence and creating freedom to travel where you want, when you want, for as long as you want; this is what drives us.

As part of our passion for inspiring the freedom to travel, we have been creating digital Country Guides for the last six years. We have built up quite a library. Each one is FREE to download, with our love, to as many devices as you wish through a downloadable PDF.

Each book focuses on a specific country that we have spent a significant amount of time in and that has allowed us the chance to leave a little of our hearts behind. And in doing so, it has given us the opportunity to share our experiences of the campsites, the roads, the culture and the nuances particular to that country.

We also profile our specific routes and overnight stopovers, from which you can design your own road trip tour. Complete with pictures to whet your appetite, video links, comprehensive information on travelling to and getting around each country, you will come away feeling prepared and excited about the journey ahead.

You have questions, we have answers and our eBooks are just waiting for you. Although don’t just take it from us, this is what others have said about our guides;

“I do love your Recipe book and have widely shared one of your recipes!! And have dabbled with quite a few in the book”
Andrea Ashton

“Our Magical Mystery Tour of Morocco. This book is packed full of information from suggested itineraries with routes, campsites and places to visit. It’s the best Motorhome travel book that I have read.”
Mike Hailstones

“The Motoroamer´s Guide to Visiting the Lofotens was perfect for us. The Guide is full of helpful and practical information interspersed with spectacular photos.”
Christine Walker.

the motoroamers

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Our resources will ALWAYS be free as they are a ‘thank you’ to Travel for all our incredible experiences. Yet people still ask if they can pay. So we landed on a compromise with this ‘Buy us a Beer’ button. If you feel compelled to contribute to any of our free resources, then press the Donate button, which takes you to Paypal where you can buy us a virtual pint via credit/debit card. Please let us be clear, there is no obligation nor fixed amount; simply whatever value you feel our resources bring to your travels, thank you so much.

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