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Yoga has travelled alongside me for thirty years. Now with a passion for helping other travel-lovers to find peace and freedom within their bodies, yoga is creating a deeper connection for me.

Yoga is about unity; the bringing together of mind, body and spirit. The connection to an inner world where peace and harmony reside. A detachment from the stresses of our modern life with a gentle and ancient practice that brings freedom to your physical body and a calmness to your busy mind.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes; it’s what you learn on the way down.” Dr Jigar Gor


My journey with Yoga

My passion for yoga started on the Isle of Man in 2000 when a friend and I headed for a Yoga Retreat. So naive were we then, that we knew not what to wear nor what to bring. Yet from that moment, my love affair with this powerful ancient art began.

For 20 years I went to regular classes for my own benefit. Then we went travelling and friends were interested in doing yoga with me. As an enthusiastic amateur, I felt I needed a qualification if I was going to help others.

My training background, meditation teaching, happiness coaching practice and my values around helping people; I now realise were just life’s signposts all pointing me this way. And now I arrived at an exciting junction where Yoga for Travellers became a home, not just for others, for me in my nomadic lifestyle.

I am now a qualified YT200 Yoga Teacher, having completed by training with Siddhi Yoga International, based in India. I loved their authentic, eastern philosophy and now, thanks to their teaching, I feel ready to support others on their yoga journeys. 

the motoroamers
the motoroamers

What do I offer

Yoga means many things and to offer an all-round package is almost impossible. So my gift is to offer a space for people to develop their own yoga discipline, create the time to find peace and to tap into the freedom of movement within their bodies. Whether it is through my reflective yoga blogs, my videos that focus on specific parts of the body or my one to one classes should you meet me on the road, I am a little bit of everything and nothing at all.

The world wants labels, agendas, clarity and menus of options. I offer none of those things as that is not the real definition of yoga. I realise that this might be difficult for some who are looking for a specific practice although if our paths are destined to cross, cross they shall.

“As beginners to Yoga, Karen helped ensure we were performing the poses correctly whilst making it fun. Yoga has improved our overall health and Karen has shown us we can do Yoga anywhere.”
Shug and Karen

“I had the pleasure of a session with Karen on a beach in Portugal. As idyllic as the setting was, it did not surpass the quality of coaching that Karen provided. Her teaching was individually focused, fun and spiritually inspiring.”

The latest blogs about yoga

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