Is Yoga a perfect solution for my health?

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Is Yoga a perfect solution for my health?

Yoga is certainly a popular activity in the western world, yet it has been at the source of life in the east for eons. So you are justified in asking ‘is yoga a perfect solution for my health?’ In this blog, I tackle whether it is indeed perfect or the right solution for a healthy body and mind.

Yoga is a perfect solution and quick fix for healing all our ailments.

There are so many things wrong with this sentence that I believe affects the very heart of many western approaches to yoga. My eastern yoga teachings have shown me so much about the essence and soul of yoga philosophy. In this introductory blog, I would like to share my personal thoughts about whether yoga is a perfect solution, such that it gives us a starting point for our journey together. 

First of all, let’s start out with the idea of perfection. 

Perfection is a construct created by today’s modern world, where we have become conditioned to see the world, things and worst of all, ourselves in the mirror reflecting a set of unattainable standards. The idea of perfection exists only in the ego world, and with it comes an almost certain failure, disappointment and the sense of inadequacy.  

Yet in the real world, beyond the marketing propaganda, nothing is perfect, not even yoga. It is an art, a dedication and a philosophy that brings us into an inner peace that we find within us. A place that we all too rarely go to in our busy and stressful lives. Yoga gives us space to be us, to reside in this beautifully imperfect body and mind and allow us to find our inner happiness. 

Is Yoga the perfect solution for my health?

Is Yoga an ideal quick fix solution?

When we begin to answer your question, ‘is Yoga a perfect solution for my health’, it is true that many people in the west choose to either practise or learn to teach Yoga as a solution to a career, income or to become more flexible or carve out some ‘me time.  And there’s nothing wrong with those intentions. Although going to the lengths in the western world of advertising Yoga as a weight loss tool via the latest Apps, just for me, miss the whole point of this ancient art. 

The true spirit of Yoga comes from a very different space. One that is driven by a commitment to ourselves first and foremost. One that puts us in touch with an authentic truth way beyond words and descriptions. And yes, it will offer health solutions and healing at so many levels. Yet Yoga is so much more than this, and when we learn to see it this way, then a whole new place of freedom opens up for us. 

Is Yoga about perfect movement?

Yes, without doubt. The art of Yoga is a beautiful flow and movement of our body and soul with around 84 asanas or poses that allow our muscles and joints to flex, strengthen and become more fluid. Yet Yoga also goes beyond the idea of movement. It is as much about the art of stillness. At the root of ancient Yoga is the training of our body and mind to be able to sit in a mediative pose for long periods. This was the pursuit of all ancient yogis in Indian. Today, whilst meditation is still an integral part of Yoga, the essence of each pose is to find peace, connect with the breath and find a stillness that engages our mind, body and soul. So yes you will move, and yes you will reap well-being benefits, although beyond this, Yoga will bring you freedom from thought, connection with your true self and unity with an energy far bigger than ourselves. 

So why come to Yoga? 

If you find yourself asking that question, ‘is yoga a perfect solution for my health,’ then at least you have yoga in your mind’s eye. That’s a great start. Whatever brings you to Yoga, you will always be embraced by the beautiful philosophy that surrounds this ancient art. There are never any judgements about how you arrive nor the journey that you will go on. 

Although one thing is for sure, when we dig deep into the practice, so much more depth will be achieved than just an hour’s flow of asanas. The ability to access our inner happiness, calm our minds, still our thoughts and find a momentary tranquility will be our rewards for our commitment and discipline. It is an investment in ourselves, in our well-being and in the restoration of perfectly imperfect body. So come to Yoga, find freedom and connect with all that is true. If you would like to explore more about yoga and what it could do for you, then check out my Youtube channel, which is evolving as we speak. Or perhaps drop me an email. I have lots of blogs swirling in my mind that will be dedicated Yoga Page very soon. So feel free to sign up to make sure you don’t miss any of them.


Published: December 04, 2023


  1. Julianne Coates

    This sounds so exciting, I love travelling and try to invest in myself too but in all honesty the Yoga practices I enjoy at home don’t consistently come with me.

    I’m interested to learn more 🧘

    • Karen

      Hi Julianne, I am so happy that you feel excited and interested to learn more. I think when we travel we simply need to adapt all our practices; yoga and other lifestyle activities. It’s so easy to use time, space and reality as excuses for not doing things when we’re on the road. Yet when we truly put ourselves on the agenda and are committed to a practice that keeps us healthy, then opportunity trumps over excuses. I am so passionate about showing people how we can still engage in a yoga practice even whilst on the road, either on holiday or like us, travelling fulltime. Stay tuned and keep an eye on my Facebook page as I will continue to focus on the theme of travel and yoga as positive bed-fellows 😉 Kx


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