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The freedom to travel is at our core and it has been our greatest teacher. Thanks to its inspiration and our full-time travel lifestyle, we have helped other’s wheels roll, rekindled memories past and built confidence in our community to step beyond their comfort zones.

We have travelled by motorbike across America and our motorhome through Europe. We have flown to New Zealand and cruised around the Med. We have cycled up mountains, hiked dangerous canyons, paddleboarded with jellyfish and snorkled with turtles.

We’ve eaten boiled dumplings in Slovakia and drunk Singapore Slings in Raffles. We’ve awoken to Sahara sunrises and witnessed Sweden’s Midnight Sun. We’ve trembled with Italian earthquakes, been rocked by Croatian Bora winds and been evacuated from a flooded French campsite in the middle of the night.

Each moment has been a privilege and a memory to treasure.


Our resources

Our travels continue to ignite our passions and fuel us to help others find their travel freedom. We blog about our traveller’s tales, warts and all making sure we keep our travel real. And more recently we have got our act together over on our Youtube channel too.

We love to add value to people’s travel dreams and so we have invested our time since we hit the road creating downloadable maps tracking our routes and crafted free eBooks to inspire and delight. Our photos capture what our eyes witness and our creative writing embodies how we feel in that moment. And all of this, we share with love.

“Travel as far as you can, where ever you can, for as long as you can; just travel.”
The Motoroamers

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If you want inspirational travel content, connect with the team to follow their world-wide travels. There is also a private Motoroamers’ Chat Room over on Facebook and PolarSteps; so every angle is covered.