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Life coaching

Our mission is to unlock the fears and barriers that hold you back from living the life you deserve. A life that is rich in happiness, positivity and the financial freedom that help you fulfil your dreams. After all, life is too short not to.

“Make every day an adventure and make each moment count.”
Karen Davies, Coach

Our lives are full of stress, complexity, competition and low self-esteem, so much so that our mental well-being and health suffers. When we can sit with someone who empathises, listens and supports us, then we feel free to open up and release all that is hindering us.

Coaching is a talking therapy that allows us to work through our issues, let go of the fears and irrational thoughts that drive our behaviour and find solutions from within us, that move us forward to a healthier life.

My experience as a coach

I have been coaching for 25 years, and as a qualified Life Coach I have worked with people from around the globe in both a professional and personal context. Helping them find their inner happy and positive, authentic selves really makes my heart sing.

“Karen is an amazing life coach. We have worked together for years and she has always been there when I needed her, empathetically guiding me with her soothing voice when my life was in turmoil. Her approach is perceptive, gentle and encouraging. I feel blessed to have her by my side.”

How coaching with me works

Using my philosophy of working from the inside-out, I use my Pillars of Happiness and my Happiness Prescription to help unleash your happiness. With our virtual sessions, conducted either over the phone, Zoom or WhatsApp, we gently explore the issues that you feel are holding you back. Your first session is complimentary so that you can feel comfortable with my style and I can assess whether your challenges are within my capability to support.

With a gentle and compassionate approach, I hold the space for you to express yourself, and guide you to search within for your own answers. I am not one of these modern coaches that tells you what to do. I am a purist and traditional coach, who puts you at the centre of our time together and my only focus is helping you find the answers that are within you.

I act like a mirror and reflect back what I hear and, step by step, you will start to feel more confident as you make your way on the Pathway to Happiness. Our coaching together is based on a strong foundation of compassion, support, confidentiality and love; and from this place, you will step forward with strength and determination.

And with practical actions to take each time we talk, you will have a direct path to accessing the happiness that’s deep within you already. And we’ll do it together.

If all that sounds appealing, then why not start on your Pathway to Happiness, by downloading this free eBook. And then you will know whether a coaching session feels right for you and you can simply drop us an email to receive a complimentary session.

“I enjoyed my coaching experience and found the sessions to be of great benefit. I have learnt the power of positive thinking and how I can use this to overcome any challenges. Karen’s warm approach helps to relax you into a thought provoking frame of mind, allowing all the answers you are searching for to become clear.”

“I must let you know that your help has been the making of me. If it was not for you, I am sure that I would have ended up on medication for my problems. You have helped me turn my life around and with your kindness, wisdom and understanding, have helped give me a new way of approaching life.”

How to think Positively

How to think Positively

In a modern world dominated by stress, anxiety and mental health issues, learning how to think positively and master our thoughts is key...

My books

With my background in personal development, I’ve thrown myself into book writing, enabling me to channel my philosophy of ‘live your best life’ perfectly. I’ve self-published my Assertiveness guide, available on Amazon in hard copy & also authored 7 eBooks with publishers Bookboon, one specifically on Happiness. Just click the images to find out more. There are more books in pipeline, so come back soon!