How to think Positively

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How to think Positively

In a modern world dominated by stress, anxiety and mental health issues, learning how to think positively and master our thoughts is key to our happiness. When we understand that we are in control of our thoughts, then we shape our destiny.

Our mental wellbeing and positive thinking are in our hands
Our mental well-being is in our hands

I am passionate about health, wellbeing and happiness, and as such have devoted myself to learning how to improve my own path to happiness. Over the years, in my capacity as happiness and leadership coach and personal development trainer, I have been privileged to have access to industry experts who have shared their techniques with me. In turn I have adopted my own happiness strategies that I adopt in my life and share with others through my blogs, books and yoga training.

The biggest lesson for me has been the realisation that we are in charge of our happiness and mental well-being. Whilst medically of course there are chemical imbalances that we have less control over, we must not be a victim to things that we believe are out of our control. Choice is ours, Action is ours and Happiness is ours. We have a right to exercise those choices instead of surrendering to a space of misery that induces depression, sadness and ill health.

Imagine if we could take control of our mind and bodies. What if we had the awareness, skills and strategies to make different choices about the way that we think, feel and behave? Think what it would give us if we could learn how to think positively and master our thoughts. All too often however, we are conditioned to believe that these features are beyond our grasp and instead are driven to take addictive medicine. Now don’t get me wrong, medicine has its role. However, our dependency upon it has become so unhealthy that we’ve lost sight of how to master the destiny of our lives.

My drive is to change all that. To help us realise that with some adjustments to our understanding and awareness, with a little bit of science for our ego to hook onto, that we can indeed become masters of our own future. Waking up to the notion of helping ourselves to become healthier and happier, is what makes me get up in the morning.

Mental health and the light bulb moment
Helping people have that – lightbulb moment

One of the roots of happiness and the route to happiness starts with the awareness that we are in control and that our dependence on things, events and people is an illusion. You know it in your heart. Buying the latest device is not a sustainable happiness factor in your life. Nor is renovating the kitchen. Our happiness comes from inside of us, and can be ignited by us. Having that lightbulb moment where we wake up, realising that we can change, is enlightening. So where do we begin?

Let’s start with our thoughts. What we think and the thought patterns we carry around with us can either be elevators or chains. When we learn how to limit our negative thoughts and learn how to think positively, then we firmly tread upon the pathway to happiness.

Unravelling our subconscious thoughts is critical to seeing how they influence our actions. Once we see where they stem from, then we can examine, rationalise and change them. Yes, that’s right. We have the power to reprogramme our mind!

In my latest book, which I have written with my publishers over at Bookboon, I talk about, not just where our thoughts come from, I discuss the latest science that illustrates exactly how we can control and rewrite our thoughts. And, more importantly, I give you strategies to alter them, for good. There’s little point getting excited about feeling better, unless you are given tools and techniques to change. And that is my entire focus in this book, which you can download here. Together with my Path to Happiness book, you have a powerful pair of books that will set you free from your old conditioning and habits, enabling you to walk towards a happier life. Click on the images below to get access to them both.

Your happiness is waiting for you to wake up to the notion that you can create your own happy state, in mind and body. How to think positively and start on your path to happiness, are right there in front of you. Let me show you how to take the first step. For more information on my coaching or for questions, why not get in touch here. In the meantime, my wish for you is happiness, health and well-being.


Published: April 01, 2024
Category: Coaching


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