Just who are the Motoroamers?

We are Myles and Karen, a fun loving couple who sold up, packed in and bought a motorhome to travel, seeking out new countries and explore their cultures.  We set out to live life with freedom and adventure in our pockets and allow our experiences to feed our curiosity. Travel has now become our way of life and we do this not because we want ‘to escape life, but for life to not escape us’.   And with each country we discover, our passion and purpose grows; 

    Inspiring you to Travel 

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A North Morocco Motorhome Road-trip Taster

North Morocco Motorhome Road-trip Taster    If you’re new to Morocco, the thought of visiting with your motorhome with its unfamiliar culture, can be overwhelming. What if we could offer you a road-trip taster where you can build your confidence with this African...

Experience Dubrovnik 4 ways

“If you want to see Heaven on Earth come to Dubrovnik.” George Bernard Shaw    As a full-time travellers since March 2016, I’ve learnt many things from my Travel teacher. One big lesson is being honest about what we experience on the road; for better or for...

Visiting Plitvice Lakes in your Motorhome

Your Guide to Visiting Plitvice Lakes, Croatia Waking up on the day of our visit to Croatia's iconic Plitvice Lakes, filled me with tingles. That excitement that flows through your veins when you’re about to embark something new. At last it was our turn to explore...

Touring Bosnia by Motorhome

A Guide to Bosnia by Motorhome   With a three month autumn tour of Croatia pre-Schengen 2023, we had our sights on Bosnia and Herzegovina at some point during our trip. This was, in part because it was so close it would have been mad not to. We also wanted to...

10 Tips for Navigating our Schengen Sentence

At Motoroaming HQ we are finally coming to the end of our first official Schengen Sentence. After 84 days in Europe through the winter 2021/22, we returned to the UK to tread water until we were able to step back into the Zone. The period from 21st February until the...

6 Reasons to send you to Coventry

Coventry is not the first place in England that I would naturally think of as a place to visit. Yet we have come to appreciate after 6 years of full-time travel that every place has a uniqueness to offer anyone who has a dose of curiosity. So in this short City Guide...

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