Financial Freedom- An Introduction

financial freedom

Financial Freedom- An Introduction

This blog is about Money Management, Financial Freedom and Stock Market Investing

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Smiley and I’m going to show you a world on the other side of yours; a world where you get to do what you want each day of your life instead of jumping on that treadmill called ‘The Rat Race‘. A world beyond normal. A world of Financial Freedom.

Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work, driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for, in order to get to a job that you need so you can pay for the clothes, car and house that you leave empty all day in order to afford to live in it

Ellen Goodman

This used to be me. But then I woke up one day and thought ‘I don’t want to be normal’, I want a life of Freedom; a life of choice to do with my day what I wanted; a life free from the need to work a 9-5. You see humans have created a system that provides for your life. It’s called ‘The Rat Race’. It provides for everything. It gives you an education, work until you retire, social circles, sports facilities, entertainment, health care, recreational areas and income streams in your retirement. All you have to do is give it YOUR LIFE. You trade your time for money in order to pay for all these benefits. You do not own your time anymore, it belongs to ‘the rat race’. You are a slave to it.

The rat race is very clever, it keeps you locked in because you never have quite enough money do you? You’re tempted by the bigger TV, bigger car, bigger house, more holidays. The list is endless. It doesn’t matter how much you earn, you never have enough; so you take out credit in order to ‘KEEP UP WITH THE JONES’. The rat race has you now. There’s no way out. Or is there?

Financial freedom

Don’t work for your money, let your money work for you.


The phrase that changed my life

From nothing, I built a capital base and retired at 45. My capital base provides passive income streams allowing my wife and I to travel the world enjoying the freedom to do what we want, when we want. No money problems, no job problems, no debt problems.

In this blog, I go off-piste and talk about human psychology, relationships and time management amongst other things but primarily it’s about money and the benefits of it if you manage it properly. It’s about creating financial freedom through quality money management and stock market investing. Together with my Facebook group and YouTube , I show you how to turbo-charge your capital base by investing in the stock market, using simple strategies that are available to us all and are not complicated to implement. Follow me and I’ll show you a world of freedom you never knew existed. I’ve done it and you can too.

You only have one life; you owe it to yourself to get the maximum from it.


Published: January 11, 2024


  1. Andy Privett

    I think the starting point is to realise you’re in the rat race. Once you become aware of the crazy set of rules that the rat race brings… you know it is time to change!!!

    Write on Myles…. You have me intrigued.

    • Karen

      Great can’t wait! Complete novice but I’m a great listener so looking forward to your knowledge. Thanks Smiley

  2. Christine

    I have been following you for a while and gradually building the confidence to give it a go. It probably doesn’t help that I have already left the Rat Race so the push factors aren’t there! I will keep on reading and maybe one day….

  3. Ann

    Congratulations – Love this new venture Smiley.
    We realised when we decided to retire early in 2006 & to start travelling, that most of our bills were to pay for keeping the bricks and mortar over our heads!
    We never thought that 17 years later we’d still be travelling! We love our freedom & so look forward to learning more from you. Ann

  4. Anna Westbrook

    Love this! I’m old but I can learn and pass on this knowledge to my kids who, for sure, will need it but don’t have time to explore as they are in the rat race and raising their kids!

  5. Craig Powell

    Prior to retiring we both worked and the simple cost of going to work; being at work and repairing the mental damage that work did to us was astronomical!!!

    • Myles

      I know what you mean. It almost broke me too Craig. For me it wasn’t a question being interested in changing my life, I didn’t have a choice.

      • Craig Powell

        Well it’s probably late in the day for us as we are now on the glideslope to land as it were but will still be interested – I have demonstrated at least twice with shares that I don’t know what I’m doing 🤣🤣

        • Myles

          Never too late Craig. If nothing else it keeps the old noggin active. An IFA once told me Pensions are the most lucrative products to sell because when people retire they last on average 3 years because they don’t keep the old grey matter going. See it as a hobby or maybe a little competition with your wife to see whose portfolio can do better. It’s fun, lol.

  6. Guido and Dunja

    Hi Miles, returned last Sunday from Marokko. And founded this week my “Depot” and bought my first ETF. You pushed me, thanks. Now I have to learn a lot.


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