Remis Blind chord replacement

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Remis Blind chord replacement

How to replace your fly chord on your Remis Blind. Just one of those little DIY jobs that, if you’re full time on the road or even just a motorhome owner, at some point these blinds will go. With constant moving side to side or up and down, the blind chords perish and will need replacing. Dealers, when they sell these vans to us, never tell us about these little annoyances or, even worse showing us to resolve it. We’re just left to our own devices and expected to either return to them to get these things fixed, or do it ourselves. And this is our mission; to help you do it yourselves.

Going to a dealer to get it fixed is time and money costly so being able to solve these things yourself whilst you’re travelling is important and of course, builds up our DIY on the road skills. After all, let’s face it, if we’re in Europe the chances of it getting fixed without stress and noise is unlikely. So we hope that this video gives you both confidence and the step by step guide with Myles, on how to do it for yourself. This is one of most popular videos on our YouTube channel and so many people have told us how useful it has been when doing their Remis Blind Chord replacement.

Ours went on one of the rear blinds in our Pilote P740 so we had to attempt to replace it. With trepidation I took it off the wall and took it apart. You’ll need gimp, yes GIMP ( that’s what it’s called) or alternatively 1mm waxed ( non-elasticated) black chord which you can buy from amazon before you start and it’s a bit fiddly but it’s definitely achievable. Here’s our video from our Youtube channel The Motoroamers

Published: July 10, 2019
Category: Travel

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  1. Ruth Murdoch

    What a clever boy you are Myles, well done.


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