Central Locking problem

Central Locking problem

From time to time we found that the habitation door won’t lock when you press the central locking key. We found out what the problem was and a quick and easy solution to fix it.


Dometic fridge latch repair

So, we went round this roundabout and the fridge door swung open and a load of salad bags fell out. Good job it wasn’t the greek yoghurt eh? Could have been right messy. We taped it up until we could find a quiet spot to investigate the problem

Heki roof light fix

Just as you settle down to watch the ‘Ryder cup’, you get a shout from the boss… ‘I keep winding this roof light up and down and nothings happening… So a quick lift up from the tall frenchman next door and your on the roof trying to find out what the problem is……

Fixing the oven knob

So, for some strange reason the knob on the oven that turns the gas on is just spinning round and doing nothing. It’s not even six months old and it’s broken. With no chance of getting to an oven shop to buy a new knob the challenge was on to fix it… It took me a little while thinking outside the box and with just a handful of materials I came up with this…