If I said to you that from the beginning we have planned everything to the last detail and that nothing has gone wrong, I would be lying. Of course things have gone wrong, in big style too in some instances. So in order to help you to avoid our mistakes and motivate you to ‘keep on truckin’ we have put together a whole bunch of information to download which we hope will be useful just when you need it most. Let’s face it, learning from your own mistakes is inspirational but learning from others’ mistakes is priceless.


E-Book Library

Our free E-Book library is full of comprehensive country guides, itineraries and essential info to make your trip memorable for the right reasons.


We are always looking for new ways to present our experiences and our new digital magazine series is available to download on any of your devices.

Interactive Map Cards

You asked for our maps, and we have delivered in one page PDF sheets with links to our unique itinerary maps.

Advanture Travelogs

With the way we travel looking slightly different since Brexit, we are going to share each of our 90 day trips to help you map out your own advantures.