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A Volcano walk

Could have been sitting on a beach watching boats go by with a nice cold beer but oh no had to go walking up a volcano instead. However, when we got to the top......

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Greek Odyssey – Week 3

So the latest chapter from our Greek Odyssey had the promise of some better weather, which could mean only one thing; hikes, bikes and kayaks. For that we needed a beach and that's one thing that Greece has aplenty.  So from a windy north coast Peloponnese we headed...

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Setting a Route for Greece

Sitting in Spain at the beginning of the year, we started contemplating the next chapter in our Motoroaming adventures - our Greek Odyssey.  How best to get there?  Did we go overland and take two weeks to get there with the investment of diesel, wear and tear on the...

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As recommendations go this one was a belter. If you're ever darn sarf in Italy check this place out. Think Clovelly in Devon and you won't be far off. We really enjoyed our afternoon.

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Spanish Highlights

As we sit in Italy waiting for our ferry to Greece, we've had time to reflect on our Spanish adventures.  Here is an infographic summary of our highlights from our four months over the last year.  Click the link below to get access....

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We are now in…..

Melnik, Bulgaria

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